About us

Why our name is our inspiration

In 2012, we derived our name from cognition – the mental process involved in gaining knowledge, understanding situations and solving problems. Applied correctly, it ignites the performance of a business or brand.

How we define our mission

Based in London and Zug, we are committed to bringing science to life in the new and fast-changing world in which our clients seek to deliver their life-changing medicines and technology.

We achieve this through the experience and agility of our senior team and the responsive application of our innovative solutions.

Why our independence makes a difference

Our responsive operational model guarantees the involvement of experienced people on our clients’ business. The senior team you meet are therefore the people that you will work with, supported by our very talented broader agency team.

What we do for our clients

We collaborate with global, regional and local teams to address a breadth of internal and external audiences. This extends also to a significant number of therapeutic areas and many different types of biotech and pharma brand, including those which are specialist and highly specialised.

To honour the trust that our clients place in us, we respect their confidentially and as a consequence will not share examples of work here.