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Who says positioning is dead?

  • By cognite
  • 31st October 2019
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Brand Compass

Every successful brand occupies a distinctive position in the customer’s mind. Hard to deny isn’t it? Nonetheless, critics are gunning for it and as per usual when marketing concepts are claimed to be obsolete, the effects of digital are nominated as the cause. Brand positioning died with the ascendance of social media, so some say.

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Diagnosis. Who needs it?

  • By cognite
  • 14th October 2019
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It is well known that doctors can be reluctant to diagnose diseases for which no effective treatments exist. Understandable, it could be argued but perhaps not always justifiable. Alzheimer’s disease is a case in point. This is a condition that is by far the most common form of dementia and kills more people than breast

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Are people or machines the future of healthcare?

  • By cognite
  • 4th October 2019
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It is not hard to imagine a future where people using ‘wearables’ or their successors have their data transmitted to a smart machine for analysis and a recommended course of action. These people may be using the devices to spot any abnormalities early so that disease can be prevented. Alternatively, they may already be diagnosed

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