We exist to
bring science to life

Science brought to life Science brought to life

A communications agency who understand where
science is brought to life

Communications that encourage customers to buy the promotional story
Communications that win the hearts and minds of customers through the elegance and beauty of
Science brought
to life
Communications that encourage customers to understand the science

Our inspiration

We are an independent healthcare communications agency.
Bringing science to life is our mission.

We make your science meaningful to your audiences — whether that be eminent world experts, the humblest of patients, a myriad of healthcare professionals or members of the client team.

This is no easy challenge.

We focus particularly on transformative therapies and the highly complex diseases they treat. It’s our raison d’être. Our team’s expertise is uniquely placed to add real value and make a real difference.

Advancement and innovation in rare diseases and specialist medicines inspires the future in healthcare. It also inspires us — profoundly.

Who do we work with

We collaborate with global, regional and local teams in life science companies to address a variety of internal and external audiences. Our team has experience working across a significant number of therapeutic areas and brands.

To honour the trust that our clients place in us and respect their confidentiality. As a result, we will not share any examples of our work here.

Why our independence makes a difference

Based in London and Zug, we are committed to bringing science to life in the new and fast-changing world in which our clients seek to deliver life-changing medicines and technology.

Our responsive operational model guarantees the involvement of experienced and agile team members on our clients’ business. Therefore, the senior team you meet are the people that you will work with, supported by our very talented broader agency team.