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Every breakthrough science brand

deserves a breakthrough story

A better story is one your customers will care about

Interesting. Engaging. Exciting.

No matter whether you are trying to obtain market access, launch your brand, increase your brand share, improve disease awareness or change thinking in your market, you need a story your audience will care about.

Cognite provides a unique combination of intelligence and creative magic to help you transform your story into something really special for your customers.

Formulating a story your customers will care about

Making the most of science

A key element in creating a great story is to thoroughly understand the science behind the product, the disease it targets, current management and treatment approaches.

Cognite possesses the expertise to penetrate the most difficult science and to apply the knowledge in a highly imaginative and professional way.

Making the most of customer insights

A key objective of any communication strategy, and therefore great story, is to determine what your target audiences need to think and feel if your brand is to be successful.

Cognite is highly qualified to help you develop a winning communication strategy based on smart positioning, branding and educational platforms, derived or refined either in the agency or in a workshop setting.

Making the most of the thinking

For a great story to emerge from the scientific and strategic thinking, the right messages need to be developed.

Cognite can help you achieve memorability; first by optimising both the content and tone and second by ensuring the messages contain an idea big enough to take your story to the next level.

Delivering a story your customers will care about

Making the most of channel diversity

Cognite can help you to take maximum advantage of today’s plethora of classical and digital media opportunities.

We resolutely focus on the one thing that really matters – the most efficient and effective approach to transmit your story to your customers!

Making the most of your communication

Effective campaign implementation may embrace a broad range of activities including:

Working effectively with opinion leaders

Stimulating and energising internal people

Ensuring your communication is packaged to optimise its impact and reception

To achieve these goals, Cognite utilises a team of outstanding creative and communication professionals dedicated to making your story resonate in the hearts and minds of every audience.