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How important is Science brought to life?

The need for impactful and clear communication has never been greater, which is why we put Science brought to life at the heart of everything we think, feel and do.

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The future of biotechnology: redefining undruggable targets

Martin Guppy shares his views on what the future of drug discovery may look like

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21 September 2022

The history and role of randomised controlled trials in medicine

Drawing on his experience of being part of a Covid vaccine trial, Senior Medical Writer Guy Karger, explains why RCTs have become the ‘gold standard’ for vaccine and drug development, but also their limitations, especially when applied to rare diseases.

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15 February 2022

Understanding Generation Z

Generation Z (born between 1995-2010) is attracting much discussion about what its attitudes to social issues, gender politics and the workplace mean for corporations, brands and other institutions. In this article we explore how this generation’s experiences and expectations are likely to shape the future of healthcare.

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7 January 2022

Our favourite medical science books of 2021

Books that have brought medical science to life in 2021, from developing vaccines to exploring our DNA and musing on mortality.

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15 December 2021

The changing face of biotechnology

From cheese making to nanomedicines an incredible story with no ending in sight

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9 November 2021
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What makes the ideal candidate?

Our chief scientific officer, Stephanie Westwood, summarises the attributes required to be able to bring science to life.

The art of being a medical copywriter

Our principal copywriter, Andy Baker, describes how medical copywriting is more of an art than a science.

The beauty of simplicity

Our deputy creative director, Ines Mastrolia, describes how the creative challenge of bringing science to life starts with a beautifully simple idea.

Engaging through storytelling

Our senior medical writer, Juan Girones Fraile, explains the importance of storytelling when writing medical copy that brings science to life.

Making ideas sticky

Our strategy director, Storm Beadle, explains why making ideas ‘sticky’ is an important technique when bringing medical science to life.

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World MS Day
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30 May 2022
Stroke Awareness
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16 May 2022
Hyperoxaluria Awareness
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11 November 2021
Infertility Awareness
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4 November 2021
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The latest news from the Cognite team.

New Senior Medical Writer

Hard working, highly motivated professional

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New Account Executive

A passionate scientist with a love of learning

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New Senior Scientific Lead

Making complex science meaningful

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James Todman brings over 20 years of experience of bringing smooth financial operations and sound financial management

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