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How important is Science brought to life?

The need for impactful and clear communication has never been greater, which is why we put Science brought to life at the heart of everything we think, feel and do.

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Predictions for the rare disease landscape in 2034

In this report, we reveal industry predictions for the rare disease landscape in 2034 and explore key approaches that show great promise, including gene therapies, artificial intelligence, whole-genome screening and personalised treatment, before assessing what the top priorities should be over the next decade to improve patient care.

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16 May 2024

Empowering solutions in Medical Affairs

Unlock the full potential of Medical Affairs teams in the pharmaceutical industry to address complex challenges and lead strategic decision-making.

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11 September 2023 |

PROs: Can patients ‘co-develop’ their treatment?

Discover the value of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in clinical trials and how they can help address unmet needs in ovarian cancer.

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2 August 2023 |

Harnessing AI to revolutionise clinical trials

Discover how digital twins and synthetic control arms can revolutionise drug development. Learn about their impact on precision medicine and patient outcomes.

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27 July 2023 |

How to measure the value of Medical Affairs teams

Discover how to redefine qualitative and quantitative metrics in Medical Affairs to improve patient outcomes whilst demonstrating value to the organisation.

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11 July 2023 |
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Engaging HCPs using creativity

Malcolm Badger, our Chief Creative Officer, shares valuable insight into how Cognite engages
healthcare professionals by infusing science with emotion – thereby bringing it to life.

The Evolution of Medical Affairs

Our CBO, Sean Cush, explains how the Medical Affairs function has evolved to become one of the pivotal, strategic parts of pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Our Medical Affairs offer

Members of our senior management team outline the strengths of our Medical Affairs offer.

The use of AI in scientific copywriting

Our Principal Principal Copywriter, Andy Baker, tests the accuracy of AI tool ChatGPT when writing medical copy.

What makes the ideal candidate?

Our chief scientific officer, Stephanie Westwood, summarises the attributes required to be able to bring science to life.

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World Sepsis Day
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13 September 2022
World MS Day
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30 May 2022
Stroke Awareness
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16 May 2022
Hyperoxaluria Awareness
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11 November 2021
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The latest news from the Cognite team.

The cutting-edge way to bring science to life

Digital success in our highly regulated environment, populated by specialist healthcare professionals, is something that requires strategy, science, creative and account services people who truly understand their sector.

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New Account Manager

Sona Vino joins the agency an Account Manager

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New Account Manager

Bradley Sando joins the agency as an Account Manager

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New Technology Lead

Thomas Hawthorn joins the agency as Technology Lead

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