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How important is Science brought to life?

The need for impactful and clear communication has never been greater, which is why we put Science brought to life at the heart of everything we think, feel and do.

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The art of medical copywriting

Why effective medical copywriting is as much about empathy and attitude as understanding the science

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7 May 2021

Where art and science meet to bring science to life

The use of imagery is commonplace and critical to our understanding of complex subjects, but we rarely stop to consider the thinking behind it.

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30 April 2021

Making sense of numbers

Our five favourite books on understanding statistics and bringing data science to life

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23 April 2021

Why science brought to life?

The thinking behind our new agency proposition of Science brought to life

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16 April 2021

Making the most of online events

The switch from face-to-face to digital meetings has created both challenges and new possibilities. In this article, we share our learning to date on online presentation styles, useful tools and code adherence challenges.

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13 April 2021

The art of being a medical copywriter

Our principal copywriter, Andy Baker, describes how medical copywriting is more of an art than a science.

The beauty of simplicity

Our deputy creative director, Ines Mastrolia, describes how the creative challenge of bringing science to life starts with a beautifully simple idea.

Engaging through storytelling

Our senior medical writer, Juan Girones Fraile, explains the importance of storytelling when writing medical copy that brings science to life.

Making ideas sticky

Our strategy director, Storm Beadle, explains why making ideas ‘sticky’ is an important technique when bringing medical science to life.

Why we believe in importance of bringing science to life

Members of our senior management team provide their perspectives on the importance and value of bringing science to life

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Bringing science to life through commentaries on cutting-edge science, its context and implications.
The missed benefit of global cancer screening
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22 April 2021
How have 50 years of genetics and genomics changed the world?
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25 February 2021
The evolution of telemedicine
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24 February 2021
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The latest news from the Cognite team.

Invaluable scientific background

Introducing the latest member of our account team

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Built trust with healthcare professionals

Introducing our latest account executive hire

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New account executive

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Bringing our clients’ inspiring science to life

Entries shortlisted for PMI Awards.

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