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A breakthrough in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer

Breast cancer is not a single disease, but rather a global term encompassing a variety of cancers that originate in the breast area.

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14 April 2022

A new dawn in cystic fibrosis care

The discovery of the genetic defect in cystic fibrosis three decades ago enabled the development of highly targeted therapeutics capable of correcting the function of the faulty CFTR protein, resulting in unprecedented treatment outcomes and drastic improvements in the quality of life of patients with this deadly disease.

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3 February 2022

A potential disease-modifying therapy in polycystic kidney disease

A novel investigational agent known as RGLS4326 may revolutionise the treatment of polycystic kidney disease by addressing a key genetic defect associated with disease progression.

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26 November 2021

Revolutionising cancer therapy with CAR T cells

CAR T cell therapy is a novel type of immunotherapy that has demonstrated unprecedented efficacy in haematological cancers, with complete remission observed in up to half of treated patients, bringing new possibilities in oncology that are yet to be fully explored discovered.

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15 September 2021

MicroRNA therapeutics to help us fight COVID-19

Understanding how gene expression is altered through microRNA alterations during COVID-19 infection may help to guide the development of novel antivirals against this devastating disease

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20 July 2021

Targeting Alzheimer’s disease where it matters

A review of disease modification approaches and potential ways forward

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15 June 2021

The missed benefit of global cancer screening

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in humans worldwide.

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22 April 2021

How have 50 years of genetics and genomics changed the world?

Fifty years ago, at a time when sequencing even a handful of nucleotides was problematic, the concept of sequencing the human genome seemed absurd.

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25 February 2021

The evolution of telemedicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday life for people across the world

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24 February 2021