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New Account Manager

Sona Vino joins the agency an Account Manager

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26 July 2023

New Account Manager

Bradley Sando joins the agency as an Account Manager

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24 July 2023

New Technology Lead

Thomas Hawthorn joins the agency as Technology Lead

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18 July 2023

New Scientific Strategist

Chiara Triulzi joins our Medical Affairs team as a Scientific Strategist

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11 July 2023

New Senior Account Executive

Millie Sullivan joins the agency as a Senior Account Executive

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10 July 2023

New Medical Strategist

Andrey Gurevich joins the agency as a Medical Strategist

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30 June 2023

New Scientific Services Director

Catherine Platt returns to the agency as Scientific Services Director

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9 June 2023

New Senior Account Manager

Lillian Judd joins the agency as a Senior Account Manager

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5 June 2023

New Marketing Manager

Jess Green joins the agency as Marketing Manager

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1 June 2023

Expanding our Medical Affairs offer

Joanne Pearson, as our Medical Affairs Lead, will play a central role in developing the agency’s Medical Affairs offering

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9 May 2023