Using digital effectively in our highly regulated environment, populated by high science professionals, is something that requires strategy, science, creative and account services people who truly understand their sector. At Cognite, we don’t just ‘use digital’, we are closely attuned to the customers decision journey and shape our strategy, content and creative expression to the unique form required to deliver results.

Digital strategy

We are your partner to help you build your digital strategy. From digital needs analysis and landscape mapping through to defining your customer persona’s and mapping your customer journey across key touchpoints.

Digital content

Our creative and scientific teams are highly skilled at creating content for digital. We are content experts because we understand the strategy, science and the customer needs and can deliver high quality content pieces to work across your digital plan.

Deploy, track and measure

Your partner from UX design through to in-house development and tracking. We understand global to local needs and can provide templates, best-practice frameworks and guidance to local teams.

Digital proficiency and smart thinking enables us to manage the multi-channel journey from end-to-end



At Cognite, we use our expertise in digital marketing best practices to bring science to life, helping you to deliver a multi-channel experience to you customers.

We partner with you to manage the process from end-to-end, including:

  • Create detailed personas and tailored customer journeys
  • Develop multi channel plan, working with a media agency to define placement and schedule
  • Creative and copy work seamlessly to bring the content to life
  • High quality digital developer team, partnering with industry leaders where needed
  • Testing and Quality control functions in house
  • Adherence to security protocols and hosting
  • Ongoing technical support and maintenance
  • Measuring and review analytics on a regular basis
  • Capture insights and record in CRM to optimise omnichannel journey
  • Establish goals objectives and KPIs
  • Digital landscape
  • Competitor analysis
  • Asset audit