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Why do breakthrough science brands need special stories?

In healthcare, breakthrough science brands are more than advances on what’s already there.


31 October 2016

By: Cognite

In healthcare, breakthrough science brands are more than advances on what’s already there. They are products that bring true innovation to areas of unmet or poorly met need.  In other words, they offer something special!

Hearing that, you might think that such brands would more or less speak for themselves. In reality, the opposite is true and for good reasons.

To begin with, these brands make use of cutting edge science which needs to be explained to potential customers operating on very different levels of understanding.

The same may apply to the condition they treat. Rare or ultra-rare diseases, for example, may be poorly understood by the majority of physicians, payers and patients.

Since the number of sufferers is small, most doctors have rarely if ever seen a case. Consequently, there may be a need for help in finding patients, diagnosing them and referring them for suitable treatment. Indeed, in some cases patients may resist the diagnosis and treatment meaning that doctors need help in obtaining patient buy-in.

Small patient numbers also mean the price per patient of breakthrough science brands are high. Payers may therefore need to be persuaded of their value which can only be achieved once they have full understanding of both the medicine and the disease.

Far from speaking for themselves, these brands need stories including why they work, where they work, how they work and how they are best used along with disease and value stories. Each of these needs to be crafted to suit a range of audiences with the aim of stimulating interest, building confidence and driving motivation in them all.

Every potential customer needs a story they can relate to and care about; an educational and creative communication challenge of the highest order demanding that full justice is done to true innovation. The need is not just for stories but special stories to befit special brands!

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