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Empowering solutions in Medical Affairs

Unlock the full potential of Medical Affairs teams in the pharmaceutical industry to address complex challenges and lead strategic decision-making.

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11 September 2023 |

PROs: Can patients ‘co-develop’ their treatment?

Discover the value of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in clinical trials and how they can help address unmet needs in ovarian cancer.

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2 August 2023 |

Harnessing AI to revolutionise clinical trials

Discover how digital twins and synthetic control arms can revolutionise drug development. Learn about their impact on precision medicine and patient outcomes.

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27 July 2023 |

How to measure the value of Medical Affairs teams

Discover how to redefine qualitative and quantitative metrics in Medical Affairs to improve patient outcomes whilst demonstrating value to the organisation.

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11 July 2023 |

The future of biotechnology: redefining undruggable targets

Martin Guppy shares his views on what the future of drug discovery may look like

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21 September 2022

San Francisco seeking to be the world’s top biotech cluster

Cambridge in the greater Boston area calls itself the most innovative square mile on the planet but San Francisco’s Bay Area is snapping at it heels

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1 June 2022

Where is the most innovative square mile on the planet?

How did Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts become the centre of the world’s largest biotech hub?

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21 March 2022

Why US biotechs increasingly choose Switzerland for their European HQ

Why a combination of talent, tax, environment and infrastructure makes Switzerland a particularly attractive option for US biotechs.

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28 January 2022

When is a European Biotech going to match its US counterparts?

Despite the hurdles,there is optimism that a European biotech will emerge as a global marketing success

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14 January 2022

Understanding Generation Z

Generation Z (born between 1995-2010) is attracting much discussion about what its attitudes to social issues, gender politics and the workplace mean for corporations, brands and other institutions. In this article we explore how this generation’s experiences and expectations are likely to shape the future of healthcare.

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7 January 2022