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Enhancing communication by using the relevant unexpected

Our chief creative officer, Malcolm Badger, shares his thoughts on the importance of marrying intelligent and emotive creativity and the search for the relevant unexpected.

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23 July 2021

Is branding relevant in today’s pharma market?

A look at the meaning and scope of brands as experiences for HCPs and patients in a complex and highly specialised scientific environment

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8 July 2021

My creative inspirations

Our senior designer, Lauren Forrester, shares a list of the five things in her life that give her creative inspiration, from the films of Guillermo Del Torro to the flowers in her garden.

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6 July 2021

Bringing science to life in my life

Our senior editor, Sarah Stokes, shares her list of the five books that have inspired her interest in and love of science.

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10 June 2021

Being more effective in bringing science to life

A structure and proven principles for improving communication effectiveness

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1 June 2021

How TED brings science to life

“Spellbinding, stimulating, seductive” – the best TED talks that bring science to life.

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You call that creative?

It is important to define what creativity is because to be useful it should be closely linked to effectiveness.

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19 May 2021

The art of medical copywriting

Why effective medical copywriting is as much about empathy and attitude as understanding the science

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7 May 2021

Where visual art and science meet to bring science to life

The use of imagery is commonplace and critical to our understanding of complex subjects, but we rarely stop to consider the thinking behind it.

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30 April 2021

Making sense of numbers

Our five favourite books on understanding statistics and bringing data science to life

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23 April 2021