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Making the most of online events

The switch from face-to-face to digital meetings has created both challenges and new possibilities. In this article, we share our learning to date on online presentation styles, useful tools and code adherence challenges.

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13 April 2021

A lifetime of scientific communication.

Professor Trevor Jones, one of the country’s leading pharmaceutical scientists, talks about the importance of scientific communication and the most exciting trends within the pharmaceutical industry.

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30 March 2021

Bringing pharma’s future to life

Visions of pharma’s future are always of interest and disruption is usually the order of the day, not that we don’t all feel pretty disrupted already.

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25 March 2021

The importance of bringing science to life

In this video our Chief Scientific Officer, Stephanie Westwood, shares her perspectives on the communications challenges posed by the growing complexity of drug science

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24 March 2021

Why bringing science to life is more important than ever

The need to improve scientific understanding

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9 March 2021

Why is science so misunderstood?

It’s a great shame but recent events have exposed how poorly science is understood by many members of the public, including journalists

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15 October 2020

How curious are you?

When I was growing up in the UK people were suspicious of curiosity. There was even a strange proverb ‘Curiosity killed the cat’, hardly a ringing endorsement!

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21 September 2020

Is pharma ready for the new normal?

Once, it was easy to define a customer. It was ‘someone you sell to’.

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21 August 2020

How are your electrics?

When we think of medical breakthroughs, most of us probably think of things like gene therapy, CAR T-cell treatments in oncology or new drugs for rare diseases.

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5 December 2019

Who says positioning is dead?

Every successful brand occupies a distinctive position in the customer’s mind. Hard to deny isn’t it?

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31 October 2019