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If only we could afford it

Have you met anyone who preferred sickness over health or who given quality of life wanted to die before their time?

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6 December 2016

Breakthrough science brands redefine innovation

The pharmaceutical industry has always prided itself on its record of innovation and there have been numerous examples of medicines that fully support that claim.

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14 November 2016

Why do breakthrough science brands need special stories?

In healthcare, breakthrough science brands are more than advances on what’s already there.

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31 October 2016

Rare diseases, a sustainable opportunity?

Once a neglected area by the pharmaceutical industry, rare diseases are now very much on the radar with drugs in the category worth $50 billion worldwide.

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29 April 2016

Evidence based creativity

Sometimes we say we know creativity when we see it but do we?

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28 April 2016

Purpose, profit and brands

Nowadays, it is fashionable to talk about being customer centric, easy to say but not so easy to live up to.

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9 December 2015

What is a good creative idea?

More than a few people who work in agencies would agree that a good creative idea is one that wins awards.

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5 June 2015

Biosimilars, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

According to the IMS Institute, biologics account for 27% of the pharmaceutical sales in the EU and grew at at 5.5% vs. a total market growth of 1.9% between 2012 and 2013.

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30 March 2015